Building at the Cycle School

Modern times are made of unimagined connectedness and also numbing conformity. Mass production has reached a level of efficiency and abundance that seems, at least for half of humanity, to have erased the role of hand work and individual initiative. Against these trends is an exciting revival and appreciation for the soothing and nourishing benefits of hand making goods.

The bicycle industry, despite recent concentration, is home to thousands of independent producers. The ability of small makers to customize to ergonomic, aesthetic, and functional needs enables a bit competitiveness with mass engineered and manufactured goods. This fragmented scene allows many small producers that have long ago been driven from other scenes.

The PT Cycle School is eager to offer instruction in building. Frames, components, e-bikes, tools, workshop modules, the sky is the limit. Classes will be added as topics and instructors are identified. We will host, for example, wood frame building using traditional bamboo tubes, laminated wood, and CNC shaping. Wood is an ideal material for cycle frames, as every year NAHBS showcases many veteran and recently launched wood frame makers.