Design the future

Design is a key element to understanding the deeper nature of the world around us. In cycling, it is key to the best products and practices but is often barely touched in discussions and reviews.

PT Cycle School aims to demystify design elements, exploring the ergonomics, physics, materials, and aesthetics that empower truly resourceful use and invention. Our program will include presentations and labs on a variety of interesting topics. Examples, below, schedules to follow.

Fitting and physiology

A broad science has emerged that supports cycling comfort, efficiency, and safety. The bicycle is uniquely based on the human form, so much that alien archeologists should be able to deduce human physiology by studying a bicycle! How do body dimensions and riding objectives feed into the fit and design of bicycles and cycle clothing? Presentation and participation simplifies these topics for riders and future bike fitters.

Wheel and frame design

The basic structures of a bike are designed and created with considerations of physics, budget, use, and environment. How do today’s product managers navigate their many engineering options? Try your hand at inventing a new type of bicycle!

Cycling aesthetics

Handmade bicycle shows around the world proclaim a rich growing scene of decorative arts and self expression. Shaping, plating, painting, casting, carving, bicycle artisans are always pushing the limits to individualize and embellish their products. Learn from experts and try your hand.

Electric assist bikes

The fast evolving e-bike scene is a playground for experimentation and conversions. Do you want to electrify a pedal bike? Want to know the limits of pedal assist for cargo hauling or multi-terrain exploring? Bring your projects and enjoy the assistance of mechanics and tools from the electric conversion scene.


Whether a modest daily runner or an historic relic, bicycles love to be restored to new and/or enhanced states of perfection. Bring your nominee bike and start the process to restore its former or potential glory. Restoration can include strict rules of authenticity and patina or casual redecoration. Mechanic teachers will assist your journey.