The Future is Limitless

As our network grows, the possibilities are limitless. Here are some exciting events and programs that await their moments.


Old bikes are compact and fun to display. They tell the story of times and technologies of the past. Their first bloom of popularity was the Victorian period which so strongly and permanently shaped our city of Port Townsend. Exhibits will be seasonal, one time, or permanent.


Public gatherings to celebrate cycling and raise awareness of underrepresented causes. Charity rides, acrobatic coasting, flash mob balancing, concours, vintage rides—let’s take the opportunity to be together and enjoy good times.

Global outreach

Cycling thrives in the richest and poorest societies. Sister Mechanics Schools can share students and curricula. Developing and disadvantaged regions depend heavily on cycling and deserve encouragement and training. The Cycle School aims to build bridges to exchange ideas, enthusiasm, and good will.

Local interdependence

Jefferson County, is home to many very small communities. Some are maritime, some are tribes, some are isolated by typography, most are underserved for vocational training and infrastructure. Programs of cycle training can strengthen these places for youth opportunity and disaster preparedness. Independence and mobility make neighborhoods healthier places to grow and prosper.

Growing the base

The net effect of such programs will be a growth in all aspects of cycling including retail, racing, commuting, hospitality, and fabrication. We expect to spin off a steady stream of artisanal cycling businesses that will set up shop in the region and grow our community.